Flow Measurement

wedge meters


Parsjahd offers robust, proven performance and high reliability by its Wedge Meter products, which are designed to match every line size and media. Wedge meters consists of a cylindrical pressure vessel into which a constriction "wedge" is fabricated, thereby leaving an open segment of a known height. These primary flow elements are suitable for a variety of fluid flows and the restriction is at an optimum angle to give the best possible characteristics when measuring viscous fluids.

Parsjahd wedge meters are designed to be used in high temperature applications and corrosive fluids, also relatively low pipe Reynolds Numbers can be addressed with some accuracy and discharge coefficient is stable through the application range. 

Wedge meters are suitable for:

  • Fluids with Solid Content
  • Slurry Fluids
  • Corrosive Fluids
  • Very Low Flow Rate or Velocity
  • High Temperature Conditions

Parsjahd Wedge Meter Tapping Types

  • Flanged
  • Thread O’let
  • Socket O’let
  • Remote Seals

Features and Benefits

  • Robust Design and Proven Flow Metering Technology
  • Tailored with High Temperatures and Pressures
  • Accurate Flow Metering of Slurries, High Viscous Flows and Low Reynold Numbers
  • Less Maintenance Required
  • Low Permanent Pressure Loss
  • Fast, Reliable and Repeatable Measurement
  • Full Set of Documentation Available

Parsjahd Wedge Meter Most Common Types

  • Solid Segment
  • Surface Segment

Flow Calculation Standards

  • W Miller

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