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temperature sensors


Multipoint temperature sensors are utilized when multiple temperature measurements are necessary in a single temperature sensor connection point. Typically the sensors are distributed along the length of a large diameter pipe type thermowell, touching the surface at the point the measurement needs to be made. This systems offer a high resolution temperature data measurement of process environments which is suitable for pipes, reactors, vessels and etc. which have a temperature gradient. The design and dimensions of a multipoint vary depending on the service required, position of the sensors, size and shape of the vessel, corrosion, erosion, pressure and temperature environment within the vessel. Parsjahd with its highly-experienced team designs and manufactures these sensor solutions to best suit customer’s condition and requirements.


  • Oil & Gas Industries
  • Chemical and Petrochemical Plants
  • Power & Energy Sections
  • Steel Industries and etc. 



Features and Benefits

  • Available with Thermocouples and RTDs
  • Available for a variety of Fluids
  • Available with Different Enclosure Types
  • Multi-point Measurement to a Drilled Well or a Container
  • Temperature Range -40 to 750 ˚C
  • Tailored Solutions According to Specific Needs
  • ATEX-Version Ex e also Available
  • Fast and Accurate Response with High Durability

As the exclusive manufacturer of this product in the region, Parsjahd group offers different multipoint temperature sensors’ designs and types:

  • Compact Design
  • General Guiding Tube
  • Positive Contact Design
  • Spring Loaded Design
  • Free Hanging Design

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