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sight-glass level gauges


    Parsjahd’s sight glass level gauges are optimal solutions for liquid level indication in vessels, drums, tanks and etc. Sight glass level gauges are simple practical systems working based on communicating vessels principle. Its simplicity has made it one of most installed level indicators world-wide.

    Other than magnetic level gauges and hydra step level gauges, Parsjahd has developed sight glass level gauges for certain applications. Although this level gauge cannot be applied to corrosive environments and high pressure systems, its simplicity has made them one of popular choices. These level gauges are available for different conditions since they offer low initial cost, low operating cost and easy level reading. Parsjahd sight glass level gauges are designed to perform continuous level monitoring in the plant, with robust and reliable design and performance. These devices are available in a large variety of materials and can be specified on customer request. They allow a wide range of process connections and perform a direct level indication.

    The process and vent & drain connections of Parsjahd sight glass level gauges can be either flanged, welded, or threaded and a cock valve is used in process connection, while gate valve is used in vent & drain connections.

    • Direct Indication of the Level
    • Specific Design According to Process and System
    • Wide Range of Process Connections
    • Available in a Variety of Materials According to Fluid Medium


    • Oil & Gas Industries
    • Power Generation
    • Chemical and Petrochemical Units
    • Pulp & Paper
    • Water Treatment Units
    • Cement

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