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level transmitters

Intelligent level transmitters are designed to perform continuous measurements for liquid level, interface or density of liquids in the process of all industrial applications. The measurement is based on the proven Archimedes buoyancy principle and thus extremely robust and durable measuring values can be transferred analog and digital. As a common way of level measurement, differential pressure made by liquid level in a tank is measured and then the tank level is obtained. DP level transmitters are versatile and commonly used devices for open and closed tanks. Parsjahd’s dp level transmitters are suitable for precision and durability in diverse systems and applications. The difference between open tank and a close tank is attributed to the installation point of transmitter, since the zero point in closed tanks are different than of open ones. 

Level Transmitter Types

Digital communication facilitates complete operation and configuration via PC or control system. Despite extreme temperatures, high process pressure and corrosive liquids, the transmitter measures with consistent reliability and high precision.

Features and Benefits

  • Communication HART, PROFIBUS PA or FOUNDATION Fieldbus
  • Conventional Operation with Local Keys
  • Easy Adaptation to the Measuring Point without Calibration at the Workshop
  • Back Documentation of Measuring Point
  • Continuous Self-Diagnostics
  • Configurable Safety Value
  • Software Lock for Local Keys and Reconfiguration
  • Approved for SIL Applications
  • Simulation of Analog Output for Loop-Check
  • Local Display in %, mA or Physical Units
  • Signal Noise Suppression by Smart Smoothing
  • Linear or Customized Characteristic
  • Process Temperature from –196 °C to +400 °C
  • Materials for Use with Aggressive Media
  • Micro Sinter Metal Sensor Technology
  • Separate Mounting of Sensor and Amplifier with Remote Amplifier Mounting Kit

Parsjahd offers a variety of level metering solutions that include standard transmitter connections and integrated transmitters with direct or remote mount seals. All the seals are manufactured, configured, tuned and balanced in Parsjahd.

Features and Benefits

  • With Multi Sensing Ability
  • Available with Different Direct and Remote Seals
  • Available with various Materials for Different Applications
  • Highly Robust, Precise and Durable Measurement
  • Certified SIL.
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance
  • Long Term Stability and Reduced Installation Cost