level Measurement

Hydra step level
monitoring systems


    Parsjahd has developed this versatile and outstanding level measurement device. Parsjahd’s hydra step level monitoring system contains of a water column with up to 32 electrodes that can sense level of water in vessels and visually indicate the level on remote and/or local display. Hydra step systems are electronic level gauge device that connect to a drum from top and bottom in order to measure drum level according to communicating vessels principle.

    Parsjahd hydra step systems are designed containing a control unit to best protect the vessel level from being higher or lower than set point.

    Parsjahd hydra step systems offer:

    • Measure water/ steam level of high pressure and/or temperature tanks (drums, heater and etc.)
    • Measure water level of open tanks
    • Detect Water for leakage and condensate detection
    • High Flexibility with Modular Systems
    • Visual Indication of Level
    • 8 to 32 Electrodes Installation
    • Multiple Remote Displays
    • Up to 8 trips/alarms
    • Fault Tolerant and Fail Safe Design
    • Continuous Monitoring and Reliable Performance
    • Dual Power Supplies for Fail Operational Condition

    These level monitoring solutions can be applied in a variety of industries and plants, from water and waste water treatment to power generation, pulp and paper industry.


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