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venturi tubes


As the industry leader committed to meet demands and needs of the customers, Parsjahd group designs and manufactures venturi tubes for a full range of applications. Venturi tubes are one of the most accurate differential pressure sensing elements, which are identified by their tapered inlet, tapered outlet and straight constricted middle section. The fact that a pressure drop accompanies an increased flow velocity is fundamental to the laws of fluid dynamics. By attaching sensors to three sections of the tube, the pressure drop can be measured and the flow rate through the throat is calculated.

Parsjahd engineering team designs venturi tubes to match every special application and process condition. Venturi tubes offer constant accuracy, low susceptibility to erosion, high-pressure recovery after pressure loss in throat, and ability of installation at any angle from horizontal to vertical. It has no projections into the fluid, no sharp corners, and no sudden changes in contour.


  • Oil & Gas
  • Chemicals
  • Power Generation
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Water & Wastewater
  • Cement

Some of Parsjahd venturi tubes’ main characteristics include:

  • Available in a Full Range of Sizes with no Limitation
  • Suitable for Liquids, Gases and Steam
  • Suitable for Multi-Phase Streams and Solid Containing Liquids
  • Tailored with High Temperatures and Pressures
  • Good Performance Even at High d/D Ratios
  • Designs Available in Wide Range of Materials

Parsjahd Most Common Venturi Tube Types

  • Classical Venturi Tubes
  • Venturi Nozzles

Flow Calculation Standards

  • ISO 5167-1
  • API
  • W. Miller
  • AGA

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