Pars Jahd Industrial Group


Pars Jahd industrial group is one of the most pioneer instrument manufacturers in Iran and west Asia region with more than 8 group of products localized by Iranian engineers and experts. Today’s need for high-tech instrumentation devices in oil & gas, water and wastewater, power, chemical plants and etc. is supplied by our products. Our very first honor is our over 200 highly-skilled staff and engineers, with efforts of whom Pars Jahd has been abled to gain proficiency in the instrumentation manufacturing field.

  • 8 product groups exportation to Asian, African and European countries
  • Recognized as a Knowledge-Base Company
  • International certifications such as ATEX, ISO 9001 and CE.
  • Presence in most Iranian companies’ vendor lists
  • Recognized as the top manufacturer of Markazi province for two times
  • Top high-tech equipment manufacturer in 6th Science and Technology Festival
  • Achievement of the third national rank of self-sufficiency and confronting international sanctions at the 18th International Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Exhibition
  • Provincial Selection manufacturer by the deputy of National Science and Technology of the Presidency
  • Recognized as the superior instrument manufacturer in the fourth festival of honoring oil, gas and petrochemical manufacturers.
  • Laboratory Accreditation Certificate for Pressure, Temperature, Length, Weight, Level and Analyzer Calibration
  • Certificate of High-Tech Equipment Manufacturer from IRI Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade